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Ebuka UbaBro. Ebuka Uba
(Head, The Press Dept.)

The role of the press, media or public relations unit in any organization in the secular world is to present the activities of the organization to its customers. They are well equipped to carry out this function.
The same applies to the church. This is why many churches, especially the pentecostal churches effectively fund and equip their press departments. The result is the quality of print jobs that are churned out from their press units.
It is for this reason too that the church administration decided to put more funds into the press department to acquire new computers, digital cameras, etc.

The flagship publication of the department is The Bride Voice Newsletter which captures in detail the activities of the church; weekly and special programmes (testimonies, weddings, children dedication, etc). It is a monthly publication.Also, as occasion demands, the department comes up with special-purpose standard magazine from time to time.

The exposition of the word takes pre-eminence in the Bride Assembly Church and messages that expose bible truths are churned out regularly. Not contented with just publishing the Bride Voice Newsletter and magazines, the Bride Assembly Press also ventures into transcribing verbatim, the messages of the Overseer, Pastor Moses Alu. So far, several of these topical and timely messages have been published. They include Bow and Burn, The Handwriting on the Wall,'Deceived'by God, Faith that Moves God, The gods of this World, The Trials of a Christian, Spirit of Delusion, He Cares, Valentine or Jesus, How to Pray 1 and 2, Dry Bones Shall Rise Again, among many others. The books help the reader to understand better each sermon topic as well as enables one to make bible references with ease for the purposes of evangelism.

This department is headed by Bro. Ebuka Uba with several others as executive officers.