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Our MinistriesWe trust our ministry will be a blessing to you. Our hearts go for Music, Evangelism, Prayer/Intercessory, Hospitals & Prisons, Help, and Welfare in sharing the hope in, and blessing of, Jesus Christ with those caught up in the heavy burden of this miserable world.

We are moved by God's Spirit and grounded in personal spiritual practice by supporting the growth in the faith and in the ministry of individual participant of each ministry and as collective members.

Every ministry welcome volunteer christian who feels the need to share with his gifts in blessing others. If you are good in singing, you can join the Music ministry, for example.
God will bless you as you render your time and gift to blessing others.

For all annual camp meetings of the church (both internal and external), this department contributes its quota by liaising with the relevant group of the major groups (Men, Women, Singles & Youth Fellowships) in the church as well as the camp committee to ensuring a successful hosting.

As regards welfare matters outside the church, the welfare department through its head represents the church in any capacity.