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Theme: TRIM YOUR LAMP Text: Mathew 25:1-14 Memory Verse: “Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps”. Matthew 25:7 Hymn 323: GIVE ME OIL IN MY LAMP

The Christian faith is a mystery, Apostle Paul in Ephesians chapter 5 spoke about the husband and wife and then he said this is a great mystery, but that he is speaking about Christ and His church. The marriage between Christ and His Bride is a mystery and anything that is mysterious, you will need an unveiling.

We are past religion; we have gone into revelation. The time has come now as we approach the coming of the Lord that you will be so revelated now; enough to confront the antichrist. You need enough oil for your lamp to keep shining and that oil I’m speaking about is the Holy Ghost. A person who reads the Bible can never understand it without the help of the Holy Ghost as the contents of the Scripture are highly coded and it is only the Author of it who can decode it to you. This is why the Holy Ghost is the Encoder and the Decoder of the Scriptures. A person who has no deeper revelation of the Scriptures as provided by the Holy Ghost will only read the Bible on a surface level and this will only lead to spiritual death as seen in 2 Corinthians 3:6:

6“Who also hath made us able ministers of the New Testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” {giveth life: or, quickeneth}

There are certain parts of the Scriptures that pertain to salvation, and it is only with the help of the Holy Ghost that a person can see those Scriptures and apply them to one’s life. The book of Genesis, Daniel and Revelation are some of the highly coded books of the Bible with lots of mysteries embedded in them. Most people avoid reading such Scriptures and the few who even go near them are not able to understand them because they do not have the oil (the Holy Spirit) which gives revelation to the reader. The difference between the wise and the foolish virgins in our day and age is the revelation that each group has and what they do with that revelation, hence the differences we see today between the bride and the denominations. The Oil (revelation by the Spirit of God) is needed for the rapture, keep asking the Lord Jesus Christ for more of it. Keep trimming your lamp.

In the darkest of times in the church, the lamp was put on through the revelation the Spirit of God gave to Martin Luther and He cried out that message before the Church that the just shall by faith as from thenceforth the lamp burns and the length of time exposes who is who. Who is with the Word and the Revelatory Knowledge of the Spirit of God unto them and who isn’t?

Child of God! Trim your lamp!

WORSHIP/PRAISE GOD AND THEN TAKE THE FOLLOWING PRAYER POINTS: ♀1: Oh God! Give me oil in my lamp and keep me burning for you. ♀2: Holy Spirit, Grant me intimacy with you. ♀3: Holy Spirit, teach me to see beyond the letter. Give me life through your word.

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