Children Ministry

‘Children are a Heritage of the Lord’.

  The Ministry of the  Children Church is to nurture and raise “CHRISTOCENTRIC”  children with sound mind(3 John 1:4, Prov. 22:6). As a non denominational church , we intend to make the children more spiritually minded than just head knowledge. We commit to Promoting a “Christ-centered” focus in a “Me-centered” culture. Furthermore We hope to create a solid and firm foundation of the (End-time message), raising each child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord(Eph. 6:4) imbibing in them,, core values(Gal 5:22) as well as creating a conducive environment to enhance their prayer life and instill moral discipline(Prov. 23:13, Deut. 6:7). The plan of Satan for the 21st Century child is to make him or her feel comfortable in sin and to pervert the plan of God in their life. Therefore, our goal is to catch them young and bring them up according to the perfect and pleased plan of God in their life. Raising a godly generation who will give diligence to making their calling and election sure is ‘THE MISSION OF THE CHILDREN CHURCH’.

Bro. Gabriel Onyejiaka

(Head, Children Ministry). "Our Vision is to bring up “Heavenly Bound” children with rugged faith of the End-time Message supported with a ceaseless prayerful culture. It has always been a thing of joy to have raised countless children with the flare for the Gospel of Christ and to hear good attestations and testimonies of the children directly from the lips of the parents and witnesses, THIS IS OUR VISION OF THE CHILDREN CHURCH. So, help us God (Matt 28: 19-20). Amen".

Help Ministry

Essence of the Help Ministry

The Ministry of Helps is a scriptural thing. We have seen it from “precept and example,” now let’s look at the specific mention of it in the Word of God. In the list of ministries that God has placed in the Church in I Corinthians 12, it says, “And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healing, HELPS, governments, diversities of tongues. Note that this list does not refer to “general” spiritual gifts; what are sometimes referred to as the “simple gifts” of the Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. It is a listing of actual ministries set in the church by God. In fact, an important point is that one can work in the ministry of Helps without being called as a minister of Helps. How can this be? Well, one could prophesy in a service using the “simple gift” of prophecy, and that person would very likely NOT be a prophet! In the same way, you can help in the local church and serve in the Helps Ministry and yet not be called as a minister of Helps. A minister of Helps is set apart and anointed for that work. Anyone that is able and meets the qualifications can work in the Helps Ministry in a local church. I am sure that people in  YOUR local church needs help as well! Get involved in your local church! The Helps Ministry of the BRIDE ASSEMBLY needs you!

To Identify with the Help Ministry, Please Contact:  +234-2389-2950



Bro. Joseph Uzo

Leader, Help Ministry

Hospital and Prison Ministry

What We Do

The Prison Ministry’s mission is to reach out to men, women and youth who are behind prison walls as well as to their families. We minister through visitation, prayer, songs, testimony and the Word of God. We believe that God can change lives through the love we share with each person behind prison walls.


VISITING the sick forms an important part of the minister’s work. He can be a great blessing at the hospital as he ministers to the spiritual needs of those who are ill. The ministers are really  doctors of the soul, but they should also know something about sick minds and bodies.

Hospital visitation with its varied opportunities is a form of evangelism that demands the very best of the MINISTERS. They should know that the function of religion in time of stress is to build a more courageous self through an active faith in God.

Bro. Chinedu Ambrose

Leader, Hospital & Prisons Visitations

Marriage Committee

God’s Own Institution

The Marriage Ministry’s focus & purpose is designed to enrich the lives of couples who are married, engaged or considering marriage. The Marriage Ministry is committed to bringing couples into a closer intimate relationship with God and their mates by:  providing tools to enrich marriage through education; activities to promote communication and intimacy; and biblical understanding of the precepts of marriage so that God will be glorified in our marriages. This ministry offers Marriage Builder classes; host workshops, conferences, retreats and other events designed to equip and enrich the lives of families.



Bro. Godson Durueke

Chairman, Marriage Committee