Pastor Obinna Zoe Ogugua

Pastor Zoe Obinna Ogugua is a native of Awka in Anambra State. He is the first son and Seventh (7th) child in a family of nine (9) children. He was born in Bamenda, Cameroon on 27th day of the Seventh (7th) month in the year 1979. There, he completed his Primary Education at Government Bilingual Primary School (GBPS) and also City College of Commerce (C.C.C.). After his Form One, he returned to Nigeria, and continued his Secondary Education in Lagos at Imoye High School. There he had an encounter with the Lord at the age of 12 (and he was on fire for the Lord, even preaching on buses at that age). His faith was pierced and punctured by the cares and affairs of this world after his secondary education, which cost him his ambition of studying Medicine & Surgery at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Due to bad lifestyle, he had to run for his life. He ventured into business and also made several attempts to travel outside Nigeria for greener pastures, all to no avail. He later became a gangster and eventually the mercies of God caught up with him again. He attended some denominational churches like Christ Embassy, etc but couldn’t stay (he wasn’t comfortable with the things he experienced there). He later attended Christ Pentecostal Church (C.P.C.) where the Lord used him to establish the first branch of the church at Awka, his hometown, even though he was just a church member. The Lord gave him a job at D. Majesty West Africa Limited (incorporated in Italy), where he worked as the Field Operations Manager. Then in 2006, the Lord guided his footsteps to the Bride Assembly Church, where his eyes of understanding were opened. From then, he functioned in various departments simultaneously. • In 2006, he joined the Church Intercessory Department and in 2010, he became the Church Intercessory Leader, and presently he is the coordinator of the Church Intercessory Department (It is segmented into Seven (7) groups that intercede 24hours a day and 7days a week for the Church). • He joined the Youth Fellowship in 2007 and became the Youth Intercessory Leader in 2008. • He was the Singles Fellowship President in 2011. He was also an executive member in the evangelical department of the Church. • He joined the BrideTV in 2013, and anchors the Doctrinal Issues. • He became an Ordained Minister in the year 2015, and joined the Pastoral Board as an Associate Pastor in 2017 • He is presently the Prayer Group Coordinator and the Church Provost. Certainly, there is a divine arrangement in the life of Pastor Zoe since birth being the 7th Child, born on the 27th of the 7th month, and in the 70s, in the 7th Church age. He located the Bride Assembly after the Church was 7 years old. He got married to the 7th Child of the family. Pastor Zoe is married to Sister Asinedu Ogugua (Nee Ossai) from Ndokwa East, Delta State, Nigeria. They are blessed with three Children – King-Zoe Ogugua, Katriel-Blessing Ogugua and Krysta-Clear Ogugua

Pastor Elvis Smart

Pastor Egbule Elvis Smart was born and raised in Agbor, Delta State. The 4th child of a family of five boys and two girls. He completed his primary education at Odili Primary School. Pastor Egbule Elvis Smart was born and raised in Agbor, Delta State. The 4th child of a family of five boys and two girls. He completed his primary education at Odili Primary School, Agbor and Secondary Education at Army Day Secondary School, Warri, both in Delta State. Pastor Elvis Smart received his B.A degree in Business Administration from the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamheang University, Bankgkok, Thailand. In year 2002, he had an encounter in a dream where his late Pastor handed him a Bible and asked him to continue. As a young boy that revelation guided his path to want to know more about God and the Bible. He served as an Assistant Youth Leader of the Church ( Church of God Mission) where the late pastor served and later served as the Leader of Diploma Cell unit of Christ Embassy Church, Warri both in Delta State. His hunger to know more about God increased after that encounter, motivated him to study and obtain different Doctrinal/Bible Certificates from Emmanus Correspondence Bible School, Australia and Charles Holmes Correspondence School, Thailand. In June 2006, Pastor Elvis Smart met the God of his salvation when he first came to the Bride Assembly Church, Ijesha, Lagos. He joined the Sought- out prayer group of the Church where he was one of the group executives and evangelists under the leadership of Emeka Obodechi and was totally furnished with the knowledge of the Evening light gospel under the teaching and spiritual leadership of God’s Servant, Pastor Moses Alu. Pastor Elvis Smart went back to Thailand with this fire and rose to the position of Assistant Pastor at Kingdom Life Charismatic Ministries, Bangkok, Thailand until his final returned to Nigeria in 2016. Upon his return to Nigeria, he has served as the Assistant Evangelical Leader and the Chairman of the Marriage Committee in the Bride Assembly Church, Lagos. He is a successful business man and the CEO of Egbule Global Resources Nig. LTD. He is married to Sister Onyiye Egbule from Agbor, Delta State. They are blessed with two girls and a boy.

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Prophet Temidayo Boboye

Prophet Dayo Boboye hails from Ondo State of Nigeria, born in July 1st, 1968 and happily married. Highly gifted in the gift of prophecy but unknown to him due to his pagan background. He came to Bride Assembly Church as a film recorder which he was doing very well, and was employed to be covering Bride Assembly Church’s programmes. On one of the Sunday’s camp meeting services, he was covering the programme with his camera and instead of seeing the crowded congregation from his camera, he was surprisingly seeing (vision) different strange things in his camera and when he removed his face he would see the main crowd of the congregation again. During the evening communion service, the Holy Spirit ministered to him to participate in the feet washing which he obeyed and immediately the prophetic gift busted in a full existence. The Holy Spirit gave him prophetic messages about Sergeant Daniel, with whom he had feet-washing, which were all confirmed by Sergeant Daniel to be true. The gift has been permanent till date.

Prophet Temidayo Jaiyeola

Prophet Dayo Jaiyeola hails from Ondo State of Nigeria, born on the 25th day of July, 1969, married and blessed with children. On one of the Tuesday’s programmes, prophet Nonso gave him a prophecy that he is prophetically gifted, and during the time of his Holy Ghost Baptism that very day, he busted out speaking in tongues and giving prophecies, and the gift has remained permanently till date.

Prophet Timothy Ibhagbe

Brother Timothy Ibhagbe hails from Uromi Esan North East L.G.A. in Edo State, Nigeria. I’m married to Mrs. Chinonye Ibhagbe. I gave my life to the Lord Jesus in the year 2006, and it happened thus – On a particular night whilst smoking and drinking with a friend, at a point, an airplane passed by and I said to myself that I have tried severally to travel abroad in this airplane but all to no avail. Immediately a voice spoke to me that if I can submit myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, He God will do it for me to be able to travel. I refused to heed to the voice. Later on, I was duped by someone who promised to get me visa to travel with, and this led to me becoming frustrated because at this point, I had totally sold all I had to help my travel process. A friend of mine met me in this frustrated state and directed me to the Bride Assembly Lagos Church. On getting to the Church, God arrested me and I surrendered to him totally.

Prophet Sunday Eguaoje

Sunday Eguaoje was a handset repairer, he hails from Edo State of Nigeria, born on the 18th May, 1975. He is married and blessed with children. He came to Bride Assembly Church and was a coordinator in the church in 2003. On Sunday, 14th October, 2003, as he was at the altar with other Christian brothers and sisters for a thanksgiving, Pastor Moses Alu (the Overseer of Bride Assembly Church) had a revelation from God and immediately stood up and said, “thus says the Lord, this is my prophet anoint him”. By that ministration, the church was shaken by the Holy Spirit. He collapsed under anointing. On Tuesday of the same week, he had a water baptism. Then, on Sunday, the gift busted during communion service and Holy Ghost ministration, since that very moment, he has been prophesying and ministering till date.

Evang. Obinna Onyemere

Camp Commandant/Head, Protocol Dept./Coordinator, Cell Units.

Evang. Akinniyi Olashile

Evangelist Akinniyi Olashile hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. He joined the ministry in January, 2008. He served under the IT/TV Department of the ministry. He was ordained as an evangelist into the ministry on Sun. 1st May, 2016.

Evang. Chinedu Ambrose

Leader, Evangelical Dept./Healing & Deliverance

Bro Samuel Nwoko

Head, Music Dept. Bro. Samuel is from Ubakala south in Umuahia of Abia State. He joined the church on 28th august 2006 and became the keyboardist of the church. Early 2007 he became the assistant HOD of the music department and in November of same year, he became the sound engineer of the church. In February 2019, he was appointed the HOD of the music department. He is happily married to Sister Happiness who is currently an editor in the Bride TV department of the Church.

Bro Gabriel Onyejiaka

He is the children church pastor, he joined the church in the year 2003 and became a member of the “god in simplicity” prayer group that same year. In 2004, he joined the newly formed youth fellowship of the ministry and became the assistant leader in 2011. In 2013, he became the leader of the youth fellowship. He was ordained as the pastor of the children church on the 10th of january 2021, he joined the children church in 2012. He serves as a presenter and also a video and graphic editor in the BrideTV.