Pastor Gabriel Onyejiaka
Children Church Pastor

The Ministry of the  Children Church is to nurture and raise “CHRISTOCENTRIC”  children with sound mind(3 John 1:4, Prov 22:6).
As a non denominational church , we intend to make the children more spiritually minded than just head knowledge. We commit to Promoting a “Christ-centered” focus in a “Me-centered” culture. Furthermore We hope to create a solid and firm foundation of the (End-time message), raising each child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord(Eph 6:4) imbibing in them,, core values(Gal 5:22) as well as creating a conducive environment to enhance their prayer life and instill moral discipline(Prov 23:13, Deut 6:7).

 The plan of Satan for the 21st Century child is to make him or her feel comfortable in sin and to pervert the plan of God in their life. Therefore, our goal is to catch them young and bring them up according to the perfect and pleased plan of God in their life. Raising a godly generation who will give diligence to making their calling and election sure is ‘THE MISSION OF THE CHILDREN CHURCH’.

Our Vision is to bring up “Heavenly Bound” children with rugged faith of the End-time Message supported with a ceaseless prayerful culture. It has always been a thing of joy to have raised countless children with the flare for the Gospel of Christ and to hear good attestations and testimonies of the children directly from the lips of the parents and witnesses, THIS IS OUR VISION OF THE CHILDREN CHURCH. So, help us God (Matt 28: 19-20). Amen