Leader, Daughters of Zion Prayer Group


The prayer group is made of Married and Single Sisters only.
The prayer group is founded in Love and rooted in God’s word
Our aim is to bring out the best in us and equip us spiritually with the living word of God.
We organize free medical check-ups and massaging for members.
As a group, we assist members financially to enable them to start a trade monthly.
We take care of the welfare of our members in any situation and at any time.
We are disciplined and portrayed the beauty of God anywhere we go at anytime
We are united and we work in the oneness of heart
When we gather to pray, God answers because of unity among us.
Daughters of Zion prayer group are all members of the Church and attend programmes in the Church.
We encourage Sisters to join our group and see the goodness of God.
Shalom and remain blessed.