Bro. Ebuka Godson Ubah
(Head, The Press Dept.)
The exposition of the word takes pre-eminence in the Bride Assembly Church and messages that expose bible truths are churned out regularly. Not contented with just publishing the Bride Voice Newsletter (the flagship publication of the department) and magazines, the Bride Assembly Press also ventures into transcribing verbatim, the messages of the Overseer, Pastor Moses Alu, and has expanded into having active online platforms for the churning of the word. Online outreach spreads through the church website, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on…  So far, several of these topical and timely messages have been published. They include Homosexuality: an abomination, Eternal Security (a case study of Judas Iscariot), Effect of fornication, Christ is an experience among many others. These books help the reader to understand better each sermon topic as well as enable one to make bible references with ease for the purposes of evangelism and the department hopes to continually improve on its yesterday’s performance to make the sermons available to all. [ The department remains open to volunteering hands and brains willing to play a major role in writing, information and fact gathering, graphic design, Editing, proofreading, formatting, printing…This department is headed by Bro. Ebuka Ubah with several others as executive officers.