Obinna Onyemere

Obinna Onyemere hails from Abia State of Nigeria, was born on 1st of November, 1972. Happily married and well gifted in the gift of evangelism. He came to the Bride Assembly Church on Wednesday 18th May, 2002; on the fruit of the womb programme, and was captivated by the end-time message. On a Tuesday water ministration program, he was picked by Prophet Nonso and was told by the Prophet that there is a Bible hanging on his neck that it is only through the Bible, he will make a living. He got baptized and joined the evangelical group and church administration. He has been active in faith as an ordained minister till date.


Dayo Boboye

Dayo Boboye hails from Ondo State of Nigeria, born in July 1st, 1968 and happily married. Highly gifted in the gift of prophecy but unknown to him due to his pagan background.

He came to Bride Assembly Church as a film recorder which he was doing very well, and was employed to be covering Bride Assembly Church’s programmes.

On one of the Sunday’s camp meeting services, he was covering the programme with his camera and instead of seeing the crowded congregation from his camera, he was surprisingly seeing (vision) different strange things in his camera and when he removed his face he would see the main crowd of the congregation again.

During the evening communion service, the Holy Spirit ministered to him to participate in the feet washing which he obeyed and immediately the prophetic gift busted in a full existence.

The Holy Spirit gave him prophetic messages about Sergeant Daniel, with whom he had feet-washing, which were all confirmed by Sergent Daniel to be true.

The gift has been permanent till date.


Dayo Jaiyeola

Dayo Jaiyeola hails from Ondo State of Nigeria, born on the 25th day of July, 1969, married and blessed with children.
On one of the Tuesday’s programmes, prophet Nonso gave him a prophecy that he is prophetically gifted, and during the time of his Holy Ghost Baptism that very day, he busted out speaking in tongues and giving prophecies, and the gift has remained permanently till date.


Sunday Eguaoje

Sunday Eguaoje was a handset repairer, he hails from Edo State of Nigeria, born on the 18th May, 1975. He is married and blessed with children.

He came to Bride Assembly Church and was a coordinator in the church in 2003.
On Sunday, 14th October, 2003, as he was at the altar with other christian brothers and sisters for a thanksgiving, Pastor Moses Alu (the Overseer of Bride Assembly Church) had a revelation from God and immediately stood up and said, “thus says the Lord, this is my prophet anoint him”.
By that ministration, the church was shaken by the Holy Spirit. He collapsed under anointing.

On Tuesday of the same week, he had a water baptism. Then, on Sunday, the gift busted during communion service and Holy Ghost ministration, since that very moment, he has been prophesying and ministering till date.


I am Brother Timothy Ibhagbe from Uromi Esan North East L.G.A. in Edo State, Nigeria. I’m married to Mrs. Chinonye Ibhagbe. I gave my life to the Lord Jesus in the year 2006, and it happened thus – On a particular night whilst smoking and drinking with a friend, at a point, an aeroplane passed by and I said to myself that I have tried severally to travel abroad in this aeroplane but all to no avail.
Immediately a voice spoke to me that if I can submit myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, He God will do it for me to be able to travel. I refused to heed to the voice.
Later on, I was duped by someone who promised to get me visa to travel with, and this led to me becoming frustrated because at this point, I had totally sold all I had to help my travel process.
A friend of mine met me in this frustrated state and directed me to the Bride Assembly Lagos Church. On getting to the Church, God arrested me and I surrendered to him totally.


Chinedu Ambrose

I am bro Chinedu Ambrose Emmanuel. I am from Ummunachi, Dunukofia L.G.A. of Anambra State of Nigeria. I am married to sister Nnena Emmanuel. She is from Arochukwu, Abia State.

I came to The Bride Assembly Church around year 2007, after returning from Cameroon. What actually brought me to the Church Bride Assembly was an illness that took me all time and money without no solution. I went all places looking for solution but no way around it.

Since there was no help, I had to go to the church (Catholic Church, being my background). I began to sleep in the blessed sacrament for healing but there was no healing. The sickness remained and even became worse.

My elder brother told me about a place he normally worshipped for Friday Night Vigil service which was Bride Assembly. So he brought me to Bride Assembly in 2007, and thereafter he left. Though I continued attending.

One of the ministers then told me the reason behind my sickness, in that, God used it to draw me to HIM. Thereafter, I gave my life to Christ around June Camp of 2008. That was when I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost under the ministration of Pastor Moses Alu. I spoke in diiferent tongues I never knew before. That was my very first time I had the experience, thus the sickness dissappeared.