Bro. Obinna Alexandra

The Maintenance Department is composed of skilled men who maintain the church facilities. They ensure the proper functioning of church utilities (such as electricity, water, etc); and also keep the charge of the power.
They carry out renovations on electrical installations and generating sets used in the church when necessary, and provide technical advice to the Deacon Board/Church council in receiving and evaluating contract proposals.


Aside from the regular staff, there are volunteers that offer to help hands in time of need.

The maintenance department has more roles than just facilities’ support. The department leader encourages volunteers through fellowship and by sharing the word of God.
Keeping God’s house in order, especially one as large as this one requires a lot of hard work. The maintenance department needs help in keeping the building in good order. Electrical, landscaping, cleaning – all need to be done every week to maintain what we have labored so hard to build.

If you are handy, and love to make things, or fix things, then come and join our maintenance department. Help us keep the shine on this house!
2 Samuel 7:13 “He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever”.

The Manager of Operations & Maintenance provides supervision of a multidisciplinary team that provides improvements, preventive, and emergency maintenance/repair for the daily operation of The Bride Assembly Church in a timely manner in order to create a safe, comfortable environment for worship and prayer.

The department ensures that scarce resources/funds when allocated are efficiently and effectively utilized in its Operations.

The Technical Crew is responsible for the weekly maintenance of electrical fittings and installations within the church premises and is on standby twice during the week when the brethren gather together for worship services, assisting in minimizing power failures and fixing electrical faults both in the main and children’s church halls.