The Media Department has distinctive divisions that come together to form a comprehensive program of media production, distribution, promotion, and communication. By combining several disciplines in the communication arts, the Media Department is committed to efficiently and effectively connecting our congregation, our community, and our culture and the Bride of Christ World Wide for the cause of Christ.

The Media Department manages a 24hours dedicated Satellite TV Channel, 24 hours Radio broadcast through the inspiration of Pastor Moses Alu.

The department is responsible for the management of all ICT projects as well as providing expert recommendations on matters related to ICT.

One of the great things about technology today is its ability to deliver media through multiple channels in the shortest possible time.

The message is worthy of articulation and is capable of transforming the world. Our vision is to maximize all opportunities provided by modern technology in spreading this great message. Feedback from our online members and viewers over the years has been wonderful, and we hope that more will appreciate the service in the years to come. In addition, we also provide non-live support whereby recorded messages are made available to other popular web channels at

The Media Department also provides support for web streaming of our services and produces regular church promotional, outreach, and feature videos for use in worship and ministry events. There are many opportunities for service in the Television Ministry. They include camera operators, graphics, audio mixing for video, directing, and production support.

For volunteer opportunities, contact the Head of Department (HOD), Media Department.